Motivate. Empower. Mentoring

As your Mentor and Coach, I will be your champion, share my business experiences, help you to achieve your goals, provide clarity, and most importantly listen to what is important to you.

Is this for you?

Mentoring is for all and no matter the stage in your profession a mentor is key to your success. If you are just started with your business or have been in business for a couple of years, this program is for you! We encourage and welcome all Planners that desire to learn new business intelligence, and want to strive for excellence in their career.

Mission Statement

The mission of the program is to enhance the knowledge and experience of creative professionals that strive for excellence in their profession as respected Event Planners. The program will motivate, empower, and encourage Planners through mentoring and various other resources. Individuals participating in the program will be challenged to be positive decision makers and ultimately help to shape them into successful Planners. Planners will learn in an intimate environment amongst (5) of their industry peers who are like-minded entrepreneurs to learn business intelligence, share best business practices, challenge their capabilities and talents, advance their professional knowledge, become leaders in their field, and to strategize and energize to the path of success! 

Core Values

    Strong belief in mentoring and sharing the ups and downs of business experiences with industry peers.
    Loving life and what we do as a professional wedding planner.
    Balanced Personal Life + Balanced Work Life = Success!
    It’ not who you know but who knows you!
    Networking + Education = Key Ingredients to Success!
    Building Relationships.

The Goals

    Assist Planners in receiving support and guidance from a mentor related to their profession.
    To improve the business performance of Mentees, (Planners).
    Empower Planners to be successful business leaders.
    Encourage Planners to network and educate themselves via an interactive curriculum to support their professional development and to raise their level of professionalism.
    Encourage Planners to unite and share experiences of the industry together in a positive and inviting atmosphere.
    Build new relationships.
    Create the drive for excellence.
    Provide valuable knowledge that will provide a positive impact to Planners and their business.
Mentee Graduate

Khaleela Zephyr

Refined Occasions
Mentee Graduate

Vivian Duru

Vivid Experience

Class Schedule


September 18 – March 2024
Virtual or In-Person


April 4, 2022 – November 2022
Old Town Alexandria, Virginia

Program Details

Time: 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm
Attendees will meet twice per month; the second and fourth Monday of every month.

In real-time, no pre-recorded sessions which gives you the opportunity to interact and ask questions of your Coach and network with your peers.
Option to attend in-person or virtually.

Total of 16 sessions at 2 hours each over (8) Months

Final Exam – Styled Shoot Production & Submission

Graduation Brunch

2023 Investment

$2,500.00 = Group Class
$3,500.00 = Individual One-on-One; limited spaces

Register – email,

ONLY (5) SPACES AVAILABLE for Group Class; accepted on first-come-first serve basis

Payment Plans Available upon Request

Mentee Graduate

Michelle Williams

New Beginnings Event Management
Mentee Graduate

Rainatu Conteh

Rai’s Design